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I tested braDful

I Tested a Product to Get Fuller  B r e a s t s  After Breastfeeding…and it Actually Worked

I was driving in my car after picking up my baby and toddler from daycare when I got the call. “Katrina, there’s a new product that’s supposed to make your  b o o b s bigger. We thought of you. Would you like to try it?”

As I sat there stunned for a minute, staring at my bluetooth car-phone screen, trying to drown out the yelling from my boys, I looked down at my  c h e s t. I had to admit that my once perky 32D  b r e a s t s  after breastfeeding two kids (for a combined total of two-and-a-half years) weren’t the same as they were before.

My  b r e a s t s  after breastfeeding had lost volume and already started to drop and sag at the tender age of 32. I know this is what is “supposed” to happen to new moms, but that doesn’t mean I was thrilled about it.

I was game. “Yes,” I said. “send me the product. “but you have to tell the client that I’ll only write a review if it really, really works.”

Fast forward to a month later, and not only did braDful natural  b r e a s t  infusers work, but they really, really worked….and I have the before an after pictures to prove it.

Scroll down below to see my results and learn about this brand new product with 94% natural ingredients that makes your  b o o b s  fuller and firmer in 28 days*.

How It Works

BraDful comes in two adhesive strips infused with ingredients which start to work when they are placed against your  b r e a s t s  in your bra. The adhesives contain natural ingredients and botanical extracts, but it is braDful’s active ingredient that works on fat cells, triggering an increase in volume.

This  b u s t  enhancing product is approved by the FDA and Health Canada. The results are all natural and the product is completely safe to use.

How To Use It

I used two braDful kits for 28 days, wearing the adhesives in my bra for 6-8 hours a day, 6 days a week. After about a week, I started to notice a difference. It didn’t take long before other people also started to notice a change in my  b u s t  and started asking questions.

After using the product for four weeks, no less than six separate friends (who had never taken much interest in my  b r e a s t s  before) had mentioned that my  b o o b s  looked fantastic and asked me why that was.

 Before and After Photos

The moment you have been waiting for, the before and after photos! Although, my bra size remained the same (32D), there is a noticeable increase in how round and full my  b r e a s t s  are after using this product for four weeks.

Before and After using braDful

After the first few weeks of using this product, my  b r e a s t s  started to feel the same way they did when I was nursing. In that they felt fuller and firmer like they did when my  b r e a s t  were engorged with milk. It’s not uncomfortable, but it’s an interesting sensation to have along with being able to visibly see the results of the product.

How Long Does It Last

I was curious to know how long one could expect the results to last. I was told by the company that it varies for every woman. It could be any where from a few months up to six months until you start to notice a decrease in the fullness achieved — at which point you can start another cycle of the product to reach your desired results again.

How to Get It

BraDful is the type of product you need to try in order to see how amazing it is.

Final Recommendation

I was very skeptical about this product before trying it. I thought there was no way a product could make your  b o o b s  bigger, but I was completely wrong and I’m now a huge fan of braDful.

I love that this product actually delivers on the promise it makes. It’s simple to use and would make a nice treat for a new mom looking to boost her confidence after breastfeeding her kids.

Whether you’re a mom looking to restore fullness in the  b r e a s t s  after breastfeeding or you just want to make your  b o o b s  larger, you need to try out braDful. It’s a safe, non-invasive and affordable option to increase your  b u s t  size.

For the best results, I recommend using the products regularly at least twice a week to achieve and maintain a nice increase in volume. For maximum results, you can follow the package instructions. That is, wear the infusers 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 28 days.

Disclaimer: This post contains sponsored content; however, all opinions expressed are my own.

*Results can vary for each person. Some women may not see an increase until longer than 28 days.

Now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty. I know many of you may be skeptical about this product like I was, but I stand behind my results 100% because my  b r e a s t s  are visibly larger.

What do you think about braDful’s breast infusers? Would you try them on your  b r e a s t s  after breastfeeding?


*Avertissement: Cette article est cité tel qu'il a été publié par l'auteur. Asan cosmétiques n'endosse pas les allégations, les opinions, l'information et les témoignages partagés au sujet de ses produits (tel que braDful).

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